How Media Barter Works

Transform Unwanted Assets into New Business

Media Barter In Action

With Media Barter you exchange a diminished or unwanted assets for a Media Trade Credit that can be used to help offset the total cost of a planned media spend. Here is an example.

Trade the Net Trade Way and Turn Your Surplus in to Marketing Dollars

Use your surplus assets to fund your planned and budgeted advertising.

Receive trade credit

as payment for surplus assets.

Receive Payment

up to the full book value for your assets.
(Typically, we pay between four and five times the cash liquidation value!)

Use your trade credit

to purchase digital and traditional media across channels to power your advertising campaigns

Benefits of Working With Net Trade

Partner with Net Trade and get…

Maximum Value

for your surplus assets

Quickly & Easily

sell all of your surplus assets

Protect Your Brand

and in-line product

Media Barter Case Study: These Cameras Were Not a Pretty Picture

For many years, a client in the live family entertainment industry ran a promotion offering a free disposable camera with the purchase of tickets, allowing the audience to capture the event on film. Customers loved it, so it was very successful. Over three million cameras were given away.

However, in recent years, mobile phones have all but replaced film cameras. The client had 188,000 remaining cameras that were about to live up their name and become disposable. Film also expires, and these units were fast approaching their end date.

Situation: An entertainment company had run a very successful promotion that offered a disposable camera to every customer that purchased tickets for a live event that was touring nationally. At the end of the tour, the client had 20,000 cameras remaining.

Challenge: With the increasing popularity of smartphones, the market for disposable cameras declined rapidly. To further complicate things, the cameras also featured the logo of an internationally-recognized brand on a cardboard cover. Before the cameras could be distributed in any manner, that logo had to be removed, and the cameras repacked generically.

Solution: The cameras were delivered to our warehouse where a temporary staging area had been set up. Our team exhaustively tested different heat applications to determine the best way to remove the branding without damaging the cameras. After numerous tests and about 1,000 destroyed cameras, we finally figured out a process that worked and was approved by our client. The cameras were then repacked and sold to event and party planning companies to use at events such as weddings. Many of the event planners were located outside of the United States.

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