Cash Liquidation

Transform Unwanted Inventory into the Cash You Need Right Now

Turn your idle assets and unwanted inventory into cash

For the past decade, businesses of all sizes and industries have turned to Net Trade for cash liquidation. Warehouse your surplus in our spaces, available on the east and west coast, and ensure the inventory is out of your facility quickly. We have access to domestic and International non-conflicting secondary channels.

options to consider

Maybe you have slow moving inventory or dated equipment. Maybe you deal with customer returns or vendor returns. What are your options?

Sell your surplus assets to Net Trade

  • Receive up to full wholesale for your entire inventory at once.
  • Eliminate warehousing, selling expenses and control the distribution of your inventory.
  • Fund your planned and budgeted advertising schedules. That’s trade the Net Trade way.

Sell your surplus assets yourself

  • Use non-conflicting secondary channels and accept lower recovery and higher costs associated with warehousing and selling.
  • Hope your sales team has a list of dependable outlets in the secondary market. With large quantities, it can take time to move through the secondary market to avoid disrupting the in-line channel.
  • Continue to pay 100% in cash for your advertising schedules.

Donate your surplus assets

  • Some inventory and assets are perfect for donation. Other items are more difficult to donate. Many companies support select charities and if your surplus works for the charity, that’s a great option. There may even be tax benefits.
  • Please keep in mind that charities also resell some donations, so be sure to check – if that’s a concern.

Schedule Your Consultation

Think you won’t be able to unload your inventory because it’s too big, or too perishable, or just too difficult? We’ve probably handled it – or something very much like it – before! We have decades of unique experience, and there’s little we haven’t done.

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