Untucking Slow Moving Inventory

Untucking Slow Moving Inventory

The nature of the fashion industry has been greatly impacted by the pandemic. As the world begins to return to some level of normalcy, the fashion industry continues to grapple with surplus inventory, a dip in consumer spending and numerous supply chain related issues. 

The Challenge:

Fashion conscious brand UNTUCKit offers a wide selection of clothing for men, women and children. UNTUCKit clothing is only available at UNTUCKit.com or in their stores. Over the years, slow moving inventory and sizes have been issues for UNTUCKit. The slow-moving items don’t always sell through on the site and over time their inventory builds up.

The Approach: 

UNTUCKit needed extra time and special care to move their surplus inventory. The biggest issue was selling their product anywhere in North America would be a big problem.  UNTUCKit is not available anywhere but from UNTUCKit.  Internet sales or a discount retailer were out of the question  and selling in private marketplaces, such as company stores, would be too risky for the brand distribution. On top of that, dealing with various sizes and styles always poses a challenge when distributing products.

Why Net Trade? 

Net Trade approached UNTUCKit to help solve their inventory dilemma. The US market tends to purchase larger clothing sizes, with the remaining small sizes typically adding up to the surplus. Net Trade used a combination of donations to local US-based charities that provide kids and adults with basic necessities, including clothing. We realized that the remainder of sizing skews would be a perfect fit to export to certain markets. 


“We have worked with Net Trade for many years. They are a trusted and accommodating partner. It’s a pleasure to be working with a partner that understands our needs. We can stay focused on building the UNTUCKit brand!”

– Alberto Corral, Vice President, Marketing, UNTUCKit


Net Trade was able to clear out a significant amount of UNTUCKit’s slow-moving inventory, and paid UNTUCKit in media trade credits through their media barter. Net Trade turned UNTUCKit’s inventory into TV spots that powered the company’s advertising campaign across various channels, helping propel the business forward.

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