‘Twas the Night Before Year-End: A Holiday Poem from Net Trade

‘Twas the Night Before Year-End: A Holiday Poem from Net Trade

‘Twas the night before year-end
And throughout the warehouse
The accounts stood counting with hard, furrowed brows
Counting inventory with a note of fear
“Why is there still so much stuff around here?”

Alas, they feared a bleak holiday
With so little sold, and new goods on the way!
No room on the shelves and inventory dated –
And it looked worse and worse, the longer they waited.

But then one young exec, with his eyes all aglow
Said, “I have an idea, and I think you should know!”
“Net Trade can take all these widgets and barter –
We’ll get a great value, not pennies on the dollar!”

“They’ll give us trade credits for all of these goods –
We can use them for ad buys, and be out of the woods!”

And so Net trade was called and they made a great trade
The warehouse was emptied and ad buys were made
Through pre-approved channels, the assets were sold
The ads won new customers, and inspired the old

That bright-eyed exec, smile hidden by mask
Says, “This can be your story, if only you’ll ask!
Call Net Trade today!”

Happy Holidays from Net Trade!

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