an inventory
sob story?

We've got a
solution that
tears of joy

We’re great listeners. Your therapist may not be able to help you with this one, but Net Trade can help you solve those inventory problems – fast. We’ll pay you cash for your challenging assets and provide ad media to help you move the rest. Call us today for a more positive outlook tomorrow. No tears. Breakthroughs guaranteed.

How It Works

You have unwanted assets, excess inventory or capacity
We purchase the assets or inventory from you
You receive Trade Credits for media or cash
We sell the assets or inventory into a non-conflicting secondary market
In a nutshell, you turn your unwanted assets into media to drive new business – or you just take the cash.

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Think you won’t be able to unload your inventory because it’s too big, or too perishable, or just too difficult? We’ve probably handled it – or something very much like it – before! We have decades of unique experience, and there’s little we haven’t done.

We offer best-in-class advertising services as currency in exchange for helping mid-sized businesses quickly and efficiently part with unwanted assets. Learn more about corporate trade with Net Trade.

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