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Help Returning Employees Feel Safer with Surgically Clean Air

We’re all reopening for business in the wake of COVID-19, but our employees may feel a sense of extreme anxiety as they head back to the workplace.

Social distancing, masks and plexiglass shields will be part of our “new normal,” but even with those measures in place, studies show that many workers are anxious and even refusing to return to work over safety concerns relating to the highly contagious coronavirus. CBS news reports that a full 50 percent of US workers are reluctant to go back to the office.

For many, that anxiety is extreme, and with COVID cases skyrocketing in cities across the US, there’s good reason for that.

Every human breathes about 11,000 litres of air every day. If they work in an office, the air in their workplace accounts for at least one third of their daily intake. Oxygen makes up 21 percent of indoor air. That means that the remaining 79 percent is made up of dirt, dust, mold, fungus, bacteria, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), allergens, germs, and viruses – including COVID-19.

 When your team inhales, these respirable particles are deposited on tracheal and bronchial surfaces in their lungs. Even before COVID-19, breathing unhealthy air at work caused headaches, sinus congestion, fatigue, nausea, dizziness, sore throats, and other illnesses, leading to absenteeism and other concerns. Today, breathing unhealthy air can have much more dire consequences.

Before the coronavirus, you probably worried that employees who came to work sick would spread colds or stomach viruses throughout the office. In the midst of a pandemic, the stakes are even higher. Carriers of viruses may not exhibit symptoms and could unknowingly infect their colleagues. Yes, you can require masks and separate cubicles, but this isn’t an ideal or perfect solution. How are you going to enforce distancing, for example?

Surgically Clean Air can make your office safer. 

Reduce the Spread.

The droplets that spread the coronavirus can travel up to six feet – you know that.

But did you know that coronavirus droplets can linger in the air for HOURS? Or that fine droplets containing pathogens can travel up to 160 ft from a person’s mouth and can soar up to 10 stories once find their way into a building’s HVAC system?

One sick employee today may create many more cases tomorrow – even with every recommended safety measure in place. High quality indoor air purifiers that can remove harmful indoor air contaminants, including VOCs.

You want your team to come back to work. Reduce risk and alleviate their anxiety with Surgically Clean Air. 

Keeping Employees Safe
Relieve employee fear and apprehension with premium, portable air cleaning solutions that don’t simply filter pollutants – they actually destroy them. Surgically Clean Air systems feature:
  • HEPA-Rx filters that have been independently tested to remove 99.998 percent of particles at 0.1 microns, and 99.2 and at 0.0025 microns.
  • A six-stage filtration system that captures dust particles, pollen, volatile organic chemicals (VOCs), mold, allergens, viruses, odors (like formaldehyde and smoke), bio-aerosols, and many other pollutants commonly found in the air within offices, retail spaces and other workplaces.
  • A negative ion generator makes indoor air feel more pure, clean and energized – and independent studies show that this may help combat fatigue and allow employees to feel more productive.
These units are also capable of moving large volumes of air through their filtration systems effectively, quietly and without creating an annoying breeze.

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Protect Your Team With Surgically Clean Air!

Lease, purchase, rent, or trade! A broad range of payment options means complete peace-of-mind with total flexibility! Reach out to us and learn how we can show a significant ROI in the first month.

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