Need to Tidy Up That Overflowing Warehouse?

Spark Joy with Net Trade – and Get More for Your Unwanted Assets.
warehouse full of unwanted assets

Is your warehouse packed to the ceiling with unsold inventory and returned merch? Let us help you eliminate clutter in your warehouse – without eliminating your profits.

Corporate trade is the perfect solution for unwanted assets, excess inventory and unused capacity. Instead of liquidating or donating, Net Trade will purchase your assets in exchange for trade credits, which you can use towards your advertising media. We’ll sell your assets or inventory into a non-conflicting secondary market.

Media Barter In Action

With Media Barter you exchange a diminished or unwanted assets for a Media Trade Credit that can be used to help offset the total cost of a planned media spend. Here is an example.

Trade the Net Trade Way and Turn Your Surplus in to Marketing Dollars

Use your surplus assets to fund your planned and budgeted advertising.

Receive trade credit

as payment for surplus assets.

Receive Payment

up to the full book value for your assets.
(Typically, we pay between four and five times the cash liquidation value!)

Use your trade credit

to purchase digital and traditional media across channels to power your advertising campaigns

Benefits of Working With Net Trade

Partner with Net Trade and get…

Maximum Value

for your surplus assets

Quickly & Easily

sell all of your surplus assets

Protect Your Brand

and in-line product

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Think you won’t be able to unload your inventory because it’s too big, or too perishable, or just too difficult? We’ve probably handled it – or something very much like it – before! We have decades of unique experience, and there’s little we haven’t done.

We offer best-in-class advertising services as currency in exchange for helping mid-sized businesses quickly and efficiently part with unwanted assets. Learn more about corporate trade with Net Trade.

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