Less Surplus Inventory? Check! Tackling Idle Assets One Box at a Time

Inventory Checklist

Less Surplus Inventory? Check! Tackling Idle Assets One Box at a Time

So your company is stuck with surplus inventory. With each passing day, that inventory diminishes in value, and costly storage and warehouse space are slowly emptying your pockets. You decide the best solution is to sell your company’s inventory. 


But the question is – what information will potential buyers ask you to provide? By following this handy checklist, you will provide all the information a buyer would need to make an informed decision, quickly! 


Inventory Checklist: 


  • Why is this inventory a closeout?
    • Discontinued? Is there a new version/style/package? Too many, but not discontinued?
  • Description of available inventory: Have a spreadsheet that shows a picture and descriptions of each SKU
  • For each SKU we will need:
    • Pictures & Samples of Inventory
    • Units per case
      • Case dimension and weight
      • Cases per pallet
      • Total number of pallets
  • Wholesale value and retail value
  • Any expiration date 
  • Warehouse location(s)
    • Units/cases by location
  • Remarketing restrictions 
    • Geography, class of trade, etc
  • Current deals are available on Amazon, eBay, etc.
    • Has this item(s) been discounted already to the trade
    • What is your selling price?


When your company provides details and samples –  you avoid the buyer filling in those gaps. Closeout buyers are more likely to look to pay less to a seller that is not able to provide accurate info. Chances are, they are not looking to “take advantage” of you, but they assume it is a riskier buy. However, there is another option. 


Call Net Trade! We will provide all the legwork to ensure the sale of your underperforming assets.  We have decades of experience helping some of America’s leading brands quickly and efficiently part with their unwanted assets – and we can help you too! Reach out today, so it can be business as usual tomorrow!

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