Dealing With Back to School Post-Summer Inventory


Dealing With Back to School Post-Summer Inventory

As the season changes, people are trading fun in the sun for school and lots of fall festivities. The end of summer may leave you with surplus seasonal goods. Deciding what to do with that inventory, without losing its value can be challenging. So, what can you do?

Cash liquidation, media barter and even donation are alternatives Net Trade offers that can eliminate end-of-summer inventory, while maintaining its value.

Cash liquidation is the first option to pursue, but with increased freight and storage costs, labor shortages, shipping challenges and closed locations, your inventory may be purchased at a very low price. Net Trade pays up to full wholesale value for your entire inventory. We take title and delivery into our warehouse.

Donating product surplus can also be considered as an alternative to cash liquidation. We work with a few large, well-known charities that have the back-end logistics to accept inventory and equipment as a donation. When considering asset donation be sure to consult with a tax professional for advice.

Media barter presents a great solution to dealing with inventory overages — it will turn your surplus seasonal goods into new business! Though they have diminished in value, we can purchase them in the form of a media trade credit equal to the value on your books, restoring its lost value. The media trade credit can be used to offset the costs of your planned media purchases.

Remember, cash liquidation, donation and media barter are not mutually exclusive and at times can be combined to provide the most value for your excess inventory. Net Trade has the experience and resources to immediately purchase your summer inventory glut and ensure your business receives the highest possible recovery with the least amount of time and effort on your part.

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